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this is not a manifesto
inspired to do things and do them well: making hats; cultivating friendships; baking a berry pie; playing catch with mika; creating a business that creates opportunities for TGM, other artists and creatives, and affords collaboration. i find inspiration in every day things and aspire to create objects utilizing materials that are grown from the earth, woven and dyed by hand by me, sculpted and finished by hand right here in chicago,il.

what is millinery?
millinery is a long-honored tradition of designing, manufacturing, and/or selling hats and hat trims. i create carefully curated collections of beautifully made hats that i love and hope you will too. a preserved moment of wearable inspiration. one hat at a time.

couture millinery is the art of designing, hand-blocking and hand-finishing hats and head wear using the finest materials and trims.

bespoke millinery refers to couture millinery that is custom made and fit to the buyer's specification.

tonya gross millinery does all of the above. for any occasion.